It's normal to feel stuck after cancer. Stuck and scared. Many of us actually develop symptoms of PTSD, like soldiers after wartime. We look back at what we've just been through, and all the fear comes crashing down. 

Cancer rips your old life story right in two. Who are you now? You don't even recognize yourself. You feel unsafe in your own skin. For the sake of people you love, you pretend you're okay. But how will you get Well Again?

You can choose to see your cancer as a motivator. I did, and 16 years later, I'm still here. I'm Anne Stockwell, author, filmmaker and three-time ovarian cancer veteran. Cancer showed me my life's true purpose. Now I help survivors rebuild their futures. I make films, I travel, I speak, I teach. I love being alive. I want the same for you.

I believe you need more than a "positive attitude." You need a positive attitude that's true for you. Your doctors saved your life. Now you decide what to do with it. A trusted coach can show you how to move through your fear, refocus on your future, and start building a new life you love.

The Well Again Path is my technique to help you uncover the true meaning of your cancer journey and start creating your future right nowI want you to have total healing—not just your body, but your heart, mind, and spirit. I already know you're not the person you were. You're greater.

Whether you're in treatment, remission, or in between, you have the power to be Well Again. Feel the joy of our real-life survivors in our short film, "We Are Well Again." Want this to be you? It can be.

"We Are Well Again!"—Anne Stockwell and Change the World Productions

I want to be your guide on the Well Again Path. I want to share the same insights that have graced me with a beautiful life beyond cancer. From affordable webinars to the transformative work we accomplish one-on-one, there is a Well Again for you. Believe it.

To learn how Well Again can help you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone call. Bring your questions! 

Let's find out together.


"Anne was and is my cancer coach and pulled me out of some dark times and into better times."—Lisa G, Santa Barbara, CA.

"Anne Stockwell and Well Again have completely changed my dark perception of cancer and rekindled my resolve to maximize the time remaining."—Emily J, MS.