Inspired Coaching & Innovative Workshops

1. one-to-one coaching with anne—start right now; your new life is waiting!

nobody just "gets over" cancer. a trusted coach makes all the difference.

When you're diagnosed with cancer, your doctors are front and center. Your physical recovery comes first.  But as you finish treatment, the plot thickens. For so many of us, that's when the real fear starts. In remission, in treatment, or in between, cancer leaves us with deep invisible wounds…emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Unless we address these wounds, we can never really pick up our lives and move forward.  I help my clients map their unique way forward: They discover what Well Again means to them, and how to move there step by step. Belief, purpose, imagination—these are the unseen places where cancer attacks. These are the wounds we treat with the powerful healing tools of Well Again. Where we go, lives get better.


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2. cancer heroes tell your stories!

a powerful experience that evokes our hero's journey through storytelling and masks

There's a reason we feel the Cancer Journey so deeply. We're really on a Hero's Journey, exactly the same as every great legend and myth since time began. Modern medical treatment has no room for the ancient human emotions this journey brings up for all of us. But until we honor those emotions, we can never truly be free to move on with our next chapter. Our Cancer Heroes workshop allows Survivors + Friends to gather together and tell our stories. Just like the ancient Greeks, we make masks to celebrate the most unforgettable moment of our personal journey. This time-honored cleansing helps us leave the trauma behind and rekindle our strong vision for the future. 

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3. 9 WAYS TO WELL AGAIN: Webinar Workshop

Doctors and spiritual thought leaders agree:  The story you tell yourself about your life beyond cancer can help you recover…or get in your way.  9 WAYS TO WELL AGAIN is an accessible, affordable way to join your own team and get into action.  In 3 one-hour sessions, we'll deal with fears, debunk myths, and help each participant discover a framework of belief that resonates at the cellular level.  Dare to ask more from life beyond cancer.  Work with me and start building your community too. 

The Well Again Path Online takes off again soon!  
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