Intelligent Coaching & Inspiring Online Workshops

1. The Well Again Path: Cancer Coaching for Complex People

When you're diagnosed with cancer, your doctors are front and center, because your physical recovery is priority number one.  But as you finish treatment, the plot thickens.  Many of us discover that, underneath our smiles, we're more frightened than ever.  Cancer changes us, fo.  Cancer leaves behind a welter of invisible wounds…emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Unless we address these wounds, we can never really pick up our lives and move forward.  I help my clients discover an essential secret: what Well Again means to them, and how to move there step by step.  Our beliefs, our purpose, our imaginations—these are the powerful healing elements I help you unleash in your own life. 

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2. The Well Again Path Online: Webinar Workshop

Doctors and spiritual thought leaders agree:  The story you tell yourself about your life beyond cancer can help you recover…or get in your way.  The Well Again Path Online is an accessible, affordable way to join your own team and get into action.  In 6 one-hour sessions, we'll deal with fears, debunk myths, and help each participant discover a framework of belief that resonates at the cellular level.  Dare to ask more from life beyond cancer.  Work with me and start building your community too. 

The Well Again Path Online takes off on May 15, 2017!  Be part of our pilot crew! 
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3. Well Again Adventures

Camino Bravo: A Well Again Walk of Self-Discovery coming in 2018!

SIGN UP NOW FOR SPRING 2018! A three-day guided journey, loosely modeled on the famed Camino de Santiago in Spain. In the dramatic landscape of California, we simplify down to a backpack, travel miles in nature, reinvest in our bodies, and recharge our hearts and souls. Around the campfire, under the sky, we evoke the power of guided storytelling to create new bonds of friendship and light the joy of our path forward.

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