Private Practice: Inspired Guidance with Anne

1. private practice: one-to-one Mentorship with anne

nobody just "gets over" cancer. a trusted guide CO-CREATES A HEALING THROUGHLINE.

In my private practice, I help my clients map their unique way forward during and after treatment by helping them reframe their situation through the symbolic world of story. We discover what Well Again means to them, and how they can move there step by step. Belief, purpose, imagination—these are the powerful healing tools we activate in order to help each person begin the return to wholeness.

Our goal is not to exalt me, our goal is to empower you. Once we've walked this path together, you will know how to become your own inspired guide.

Powerful Well Again Workshops


an intensive art and soul adventure, offered as an 8-session studio workshop.

In the ancient world, ceremonial masks were believed to confer shamanic power. They enabled the wearer to enter the spirit world and return with secret wisdom. In the 21st century, masks still have the power to fascinate us. They connect us with the “spirit world” of our imaginations and give us new ways to understand our own life stories. Artist and mask-maker Nick Paul joined me in launching Spirit Masks in 2018 as an in-depth creative workshop combining oral storytelling and art instruction. Participants tell their stories, create their own SPIRIT MASK, and then “ceremonialize” their mask by presenting it at a gallery evening where the audience celebrates the participant’s story. This process allows each person to step outside their own struggle, look back in appreciation, and create a piece of art that symbolizes closure and their readiness to return to the world.

We'd love to do Spirit Masks as a residency in your town!

2. cancer heroes INNER ADVENTURE / LIVE!

masks, ceremony, and stories to propel our hero's journey forward

We feel the Cancer Journey so deeply. This is a hero's journey, that same life-or-death struggle at the heart of every great legend and myth since time began. Modern medical treatment has no room for the ancient human emotions this journey brings up for all of us. But until we honor those emotions, we can never truly be free. Our Cancer Heroes workshop allows Survivors + Friends to gather together and tell our stories. Just like our ancestors, we make masks to celebrate the most unforgettable moment of our personal journey. This time-honored cleansing helps us leave the trauma behind and rekindle our strong vision for the future. 

We want to bring the Cancer Heroes experience to your town!

3. cancer heroes INNER ADVENTURE ONLINE / new webinar starts soon

The story you tell yourself about your life beyond cancer can help you recover…or get in your way.  Our CANCER HEROE INNER ADVENTURE ONLINE is an accessible, affordable way to get your imagination on your team and get into action.  In 3 one-hour sessions, we'll deal with fears, debunk myths, and help each participant discover a framework of belief that resonates at the cellular level.  We’ll help you let your old story go; create a new life story you love; and decide how you want to be Well Again.

Our next creative adventure takes off again soon!  
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