After cancer, people think you just go back to normal. Well…you don't.

Many cancer survivors experience more fear after treatment. It's such a lonely feeling. Everyone around us thinks we should be celebrating. But we've never been so lost, so angry, so afraid to think about the future. 

I know how it feels to start over after cancer. I've done it three times. That's how I developed the practical technique I call the Well Again Path.

I can help you heal the inner wounds of cancer…the ones that don't show on the outside.

Work with me one-on-one, or join in my 9 Ways to Well Again™ workshop
Let me help you move beyond the loss and fear and step into your new story
as a confident survivor.


"Anne was and is my cancer coach and pulled me out of some dark times and into better times."—Lisa G, Santa Barbara, CA.





 Anne Stockwell photo by Randall Yesmont.


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