How's this for gutsy? Aerialist preps for wire walk across Niagara

Next time I go for a blood test I'm taking my inner Nik Wallenda. Ever hear of Nik's world-renowned family, the Flying Wallendas? Death-defying circus highwire performers, famous for working without a net? Nik is the great-grandson of patriarch Karl Wallenda, who invented the Seven-Man Pyramid and skywalked Georgia's Tallulah Gorge before he died in 1978 while attempting a highwire walk in Puerto Rico. Long before that, there were notorious accidents that saw two Wallendas suffer fatal falls and…the list goes on. So why doesn't Nik just hang up the tightrope instead of spoiling for a fight with Niagara Falls? I don't know, but the guy seems fearless despite the odds. I want to get me some of that!