Can you whip cancer in 130 minutes?

Today I finally asked the rude question about exercise and cancer. Like, WHY?
I hate exercise, so, keeping in mind that cancer is a gigantic imposition on my life, why should I have to exercise too?

My friend Dr. Asher at Cedars-Sinai patiently explained, and for what felt like the first time, I listened.

Statistics show that for many people, just 130 minutes of exercise per week can decrease the risk of recurrence by 30%.

Let me repeat that in case you just went into shock. Just 130 minutes of exercise, repeated every week, could give you a 30% better shot at thumbing your nose at cancer from now on.

130 minutes. It takes me that long to catch up on Grey's Anatomy. I can get through 130 minutes of anything. If this is even a little bit true, I might -- MIGHT -- be willing to change my ways.