Introducing Seamus Fridays: Tales of A Dog and His Girl

Hey my people,

Why am I putting a dog in a blog about surviving cancer? If you've been to Cancerville, you don't need me to explain. The dog is one of my principal Well Again adventures. I've always been a cat person (and our cat Bodhi is a whole 'nother story). But my first dog is all about getting back out into the world, not contemplating, cat-style, at a distance. He reminds me that I'm alive way more often than I do.

Seamus the Goldendoodle belongs to my partner and me but with a few strings attached--we're his guardian home, keeping him happy and healthy until he's ready to sire many litters of puppydoodles. After his romantic job is done, Seamus is ours for good, and we can all get old and creaky together.
Seamus's human grandmother, our longtime friend Sheron, is a meticulous and expert breeder who lives in Colorado. She's interested in wonderful pets, not show dogs, and Seamus may be her greatest achievement yet.
His Mom is Charity, a champion golden retriever; his dad, Sky, is a mix of poodle and Saluki (also known as the Persian greyhound). Seamus is golden-sweet, poodle-brainy, and Saluki-fast. In practice, this means he stole my dinner roll last night, outran me, and was so adorable I didn't care.

You can expect to visit with Seamus and his growing family right here every Friday. I'll give you plenty of medical and practical info on cancer during the week -- but weekends are for fun, and Seamus is my Friday guy.

Who brings the Friday in your life?