What do you say to a sometime-y blogger?


A:  Welcome back!  We missed you!

Okay, that's a little over the top. In our digital world, nobody misses anybody because we're all opinionating all the time.  I understand what blog posts are supposed to be: spontaneous, timely, and interchangeable as Cheerios.  If it's a different subject, politics or media or James Gandolfini (god bless him), I'm so bloggified I can't blog fast enough. 

But friends, this is cancer.  I don't want to say anything dumb or insensitive. I don't want to make it worse for anybody.  Neither do I want to look backward, don't want to put us all through the blow-by-blow memoir of my treatment.  I want to say something new.  I want to build a community like we've never had and never imagined.

I mean, blogging is easy.  Blogging something true and memorable that makes us feel better in the face of this life-sucking disease, that's a little harder. 

They say "never apologize, never explain."  But I just have to.  I have to tell you I don't feel big enough to say anything that helps.

All I feel sure of is:  Wherever you are, whatever stage of this roller coaster ride you're on, I wish you joy.  I wish you a tomorrow that's better than today.  I'm on your side and in your family.  I didn't want to be family, of course.  Nobody wants in this club.  But cancer eventually made me understand that I'm so lucky to be here with all of you.  That's why I say, Hey my people.  Sometime-y as I am, I care.

Next post, we'll hear from Southern superblogger Emily Jones.  She knows how to rock this topic.

Anybody else out there want to chime in?