Our Well Again movie is fantastic. Now help us reach our next goal. MORE FUN, LESS FEAR!

Hey my people,

In the last month, my film director, Mark Wolf, and I have been privileged to meet many extraordinary people who are sharing what it's like to embrace the adventure of life beyond cancer.  I am humbly grateful for this work and for the friends, family, healers, and thought leaders who have shared their gifts with us.

Well Again has been years in the making. Now we're ready. We spent lots of time trying to define "Well Again." Nothing clicked until we realized: It's our job to ASK, not tell.  

Our question became "WHAT'S YOUR WELL AGAIN?" And the amazing, moving, inspiring answers started coming our way.

Our first film will be released online for the holidays.  With your support, we will continue to shoot extraordinary encounters with new friends and old. 

Our heartfelt thanks to our FOUNDING DONORS, who made this film possible. Please follow their example!

MAKE YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION  on our TAKE ACTION PAGE. We need your contributions and nothing is too small. Remember we're tax deductible.  

AND PLEASE DONATE YOUR IDEAS. What's that passion, that mission, that moment in your life where you're doing something you love so much, there's no room for fear?  TELL US YOUR WELL AGAIN, because it just might help someone else find their Well Again too. 


Mark Wolf on the job. The man never grumbles. Imagine!